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Every child is an artist. But as we grow up, life happens. Most of us loose touch with our creative side. We start loosing the child in us! Is there a way to rekindle that? Re-discover our creative side? Reinvent ourselves? We at Group Art Circle think.. there is. Participate in "me time” that actually unleashes your imagination. All you need to do is lift a paint brush, and leave the rest to us. We are a Pune-based Painting Party startup whose target is to bring out creative side in you and expose you to the world of art, while having fun at the same time!

What is a painting party?

  • Socializing over art; not a painting class
  • Spend meaningful time with yourself / friends / family / colleagues
  • It is fun-art, not fine arts
  • No need to be an artist: amateurs, beginners & non painters are welcome
  • All art supplies are provided
  • No experience in drawing and painting needed, just have fun
  • Step-by-step instructions by talented instructors
  • Experience the high of creating an artwork in a flash
  • Take home your masterpiece



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Debasree Dey , our founder, saw art as her escape route from the rat race she was entangled in. Deb had experienced the de-stressing effect of painting, during her IT career and wanted to extend the experience to others. Deb is a self-taught artist and learning from her passion towards art, she founded Group Art Circle in   Read More.

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