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A Truly Unique Team Building Experience

As they say – ‘the difference between success and failure is a great team’. Are you looking for some team building activities? From startups to international corporates like BMW, every team that cares about its members works with us to organise memorable events.

GroupArtCircle’s Corporate Painting Party division combines working together and art therapy in a magical way. Get out of those cubicles and experience a corporate event that is different, creative, and fun!

We understand how life bombards you with every milestones and deliverables to accomplish. Hence, GroupArtCircle is here to help you de-stress for a couple of hours, by providing an inspiring space for co-workers to get together and create their own masterpieces. 

Here are 7 ways your employees will benefit


Increased Productivity

Creating visual art improves the ability of your brain cells to focus and also increases productivity, by releasing serotonin and dopamine (creative hormones).


Employee Engagement

Let your employees know that they are valuable. Organising fun activities will ensure higher enthusiasm and positivity at work.


Creative Thinking

As you mix paint and create your masterpiece, you get to meet your inner creative genius, which triggers creative thinking and also helps thinking out-of-the-box.



Painting parties give you the opportunity to get out of those cubicles and experience a corporate event that is different, creative, and fun! It provides an inspiring space for co-workers to get together and bond over creativity.



Research says creative pursuits can significantly lower stress levels and painting can significantly bring down the level of cortisol (stress hormone). So when the rate race creates high stress environment, creative avenues can lower it down.


Psychological Well-Being

Psychological Well-Being: Playing with colors is relaxing. And relaxed people are happy people. When we are relaxed and happy, our body releases oxytocin (love hormone), that improves psychological health in a therapeutic way.


Fun / Entertainment

Painting parties are fun. Fun memories strengthen the bonds between co-workers. It looks like spending time connecting over a drink and a painting might just help you live longer. And also makes you feel younger!

H How It Works

  • Choose a venue for your corporate painting party (meeting room, cafeteria, outdoor, amphitheater).
  • Choose a painting, or consult us for new ideas.
  • GroupArtCircle arrives at the agreed location one hour prior to the party to convert your venue into an art-themed space. We provide all the supplies required to create the masterpieces. You could choose to arrange food and beverages to help create a comfortable event.
  • Flexible pricing and party duration. We can customize the party according to your need and budget. Yes, that’s right – tell us your budget and let our creative experts plan the party to suit your need.

L Let’s Get Started

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